QUARTZO offers specialized products and services to support national defense and public safety activities. We list some of our activities below:


How safe is the aircraft that you, your employees and your family fly? How valuable is the life of these people? Do the investments that your company makes for the safety of your air operations are producing the desired results? These are important questions that, most often, surpass the knowledge available in your company.

Managed by naval aviators, who have over 30 years of experience in conducting aircraft operations, aircraft maintenance, flight safety and sustained quality, qualified and accredited by the Brazilian Aeronautical Accident Prevention and Investigation Center (CENIPA) and by the American Navy, QUARTZO is the specialized partner that your company needs to answer your questions and bring you the necessary peace of mind.

Despite of the increasing sophistication of aircrafts and flight systems, accidents and incidents continue to occur and bring serious, costly and unwanted consequences. No air mishap occur due to a single cause, bur results from a sequence of combined failures.

Through meticulous identification and analysis of the contributing factors (human, material and operational) present in the operation of an aircraft, followed by the creation and application of effective actions to mitigate these factors and subsequent verification of effectiveness, aircraft accidents can be avoided.

One of the primary bases for the prevention of aeronautical accidents is the study of previous accidents, because no accident is completely new or original. The contributing factors are essentially the same, varying only in the way they present themselves. Therefore, the continued study of past and present accidents and the continuous training of its team, enable QUARTZO to carry out an extremely professional service, fundamental for the safety of your flights and aircrafts.

Through a rigorous customized audit, more than two hundred items will be verified involving the maintenance, safety and operational use of your aircraft. The data found will allow an assessment of the current risk and will give rise to a detailed report and plan of action with the purpose of eliminating the fragilities identified. Periodic monitoring to effectiveness verification can be provided.

aerodromes, helipads and offshore platforms (fixed and mobile).

management and execution of technical services.

audits and specialized consulting.

safety statistics, VSO, Safety Case, Emergency Response Exercises.


Conducting air operations or maintenance is a high-risk activity that involves high-value equipment and high operating costs, what requires the adoption of a high and permanent standard of flight safety associated with the use of management methods and techniques that ensure a sustained quality of the results.

QUARTZO has extensive experience in conducting aircraft management consulting for the identification and solution of weaknesses that increase the risk in conducting air operations and maintenance and reduce the profit margins of your company in a general way. Its professionals have more than 30 years of experience conducting civil and military air operations, aircraft maintenance and airport infrastructure management. Coming from naval aviation, they have been trained at the Brazilian National Center of investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (CENIPA) and are able to help your company implement the quality standards established in Petrobras' Program of Excellence in Air and Maritime Transport Operations (PEOTRAM).

QUARTZO performs audits on airbases, aerodromes, ships and platforms, aircraft operations & maintenance companies and isolated operators, as well as providing technical advice for the construction, modification, operation and maintenance of helipads on land, ships and platforms. The final report will contain:quality standards established in Petrobras' Program of Excellence in Air and Maritime Transport Operations (PEOTRAM).

QUARTZO performs audits on airbases, aerodromes, ships and platforms, aircraft operations & maintenance companies and isolated operators, as well as providing technical advice for the construction, modification, operation and maintenance of helipads on land, ships and platforms. The final report will contain:

non-conformities related to the regulatory norms and corrective actions proposed;

conditions of potential risk to flight safety and recommendations for their elimination;

conditions of potential risk to flight safety and recommendations for their elimination;
assistance to the project, in case of construction or modification of the helipad or helideck.

A return visit can be included for the verification of the effectiveness of the actions implemented.

In technical advice for helidecks of ships and platforms that will operate in Brazilian jurisdictional waters, carried out in Brazil or abroad, QUARTZO will be responsible for the process of certification and homologation of the helideck to the Directorate of Ports and Coasts (DPC) and National Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC), foreseen in NORMAM 27, as well as the approval of the radio station (EPTA) with Air Space Control Department (DECEA), according the Instruction of the Aeronautics Command ICA 63-10.

In the certification and homologation of the helideck process, QUARTZO will conduct the Operational Safety Management, with the elaboration of the Risk Analysis Report (RAR) and the Aviation Emergency Plan (PEA), required in NORMAM 27 for maritime units that conduct air operations offshore.

Prior to the operation in Brazilian waters, QUARTZO will conduct a pre-audit according to the Petrobras' Aviation Security and Competence Management (SCA) standards, with the experience acquired by our auditors in the execution of this type of audit. Our auditors will be available to monitor the inspections of the regulatory agencies (DPC, DECEA and Petrobras).

This service will seeks to eliminate any inconvenience to the contracting company regarding any non-conformities that impede or restrict air operations arising from the Initial Inspection or Renovation by the Brazilian Navy for the certification of the helideck, from the Technical-Operational Inspection by the DECEA for approval of EPTA and the Petrobras audit, as well as to avoid the loss related to the undesirable interruption of the aerial activity of the Maritime Unit.


Optical devices combines the power of optics and electronics in order to greatly increase the ability to detect and anticipate threats, bringing advantage to the user over the opponent, especially in actions against asymmetric forces, hidden by night, obstacles or composition of the terrain.     

QUARTZO has important partners who provide a wide and complete range of high quality optronic devices capable of even overcame the requirements established for defense or public safety activities. Also has qualified professionals with extensive military experience, which can help you to delineate your needs and identify which equipment can attend your necessity efficiently and at a more competitive cost, among which:

Night vision goggles and equipment;

Holographic sights, lunettes and magnifiers;

Cameras and thermal sensors.

QUARTZO also has an excellent post-sale support structure.

Optronic devices expand the capabilities of search, patrol, surveillance, identification and targeting by converting the radiation into electrical signals, allowing a better compilation of the tactical framework. Devices may be installed for use on aircraft, fast boats and land vehicles or for individual usage by ground troops of armed forces, public security or civil defense.

In 2014, QUARTZO was commissioned to install Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) on an AS-350 helicopter belonging to the Military Police of the State of Minas Gerais, which involved the complete modification of the aircraft’s internal and external lighting system. QUARTZO also performed the operational training of the Air Patrol Battalion crew for NVIS employment, as well as provided adapted helmets, night vision goggles (NVG) and supported the air unit in establishing operational requirements.


The use of operational simulators undoubtedly aims to reduce training costs, but mainly reduce the risk associated with the training of evasive or emergency maneuvers in the equipment itself, given the possibility of serious accidents or irreparable damage. The use of operational simulators, initially focused on aviation, is now expanding to other devices, such as ships, submarines, trucks, heavy machinery, unmanned vehicles and drones.

QUARTZO began its activities associated to the use of tactical simulators in air and naval operations in 2007, when it began to support the Brazilian Navy (BN) in maintaining the Bell 206 - Jet Ranger III helicopter flight simulator. In 2010, it expanded its activities and assumed maintenance of the BN Tupi Class submarine operational simulator.

In 2017, QUARTZO was successful in bidding for contracting logistic support services for the simulators and debriefing stations of the following Brazilian Air Force aircrafts: A-29 Super Tucano, F-5M Tiger and C-105 Amazonas.

QUARTZO has experienced and capable staff to provide predictive, preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance services for different types of simulators in operation in Brazil.

Currently, QUARTZO seeks partners in Brazil and abroad, to expand its activities to other types and models of operational simulators, contributing to the reduction of operational risk, due to the large diversity of training allowed by this equipment and the feasibility of realizing maneuvers and emergencies impossible to be trained in real equipment.


In a direct confrontation, especially against asymmetric and occult forces, the ballistic protection of the combatant or agent of the law can make the difference between victory and defeat, between life and death.

The progress of ballistic technology sustained the development of increasingly lightweight, flexible and comfortable compounds, allowing high mobility and operability, while providing the necessary protection for those who use it, in the form of exoskeletons, vests, shields, helmets, visors and special protections.

QUARTZO has national and international partners of recognized competence who provide a wide and complete line of high-quality protection equipment capable of even surpassing the requirements established for military or public defense activities. Also has qualified professionals with military experience that can help you delineate your needs and identify which protection equipment can serve you more efficiently and at a lower cost. It also has an excellent post-sale support structure.

QUARTZO represents national and international suppliers of special armor, applied in protection of aircraft, fast boats, and transport vehicles or for individual employment in ground troops, both for military and public defense. For all types of shielding, weight is an important factor that has to be considered, in order to not reduce excessively the operational performance of the protected troop or vehicle. QUARTZO, with its partners, offers customized solutions to perfectly meet your needs.

QUARTZO also represents the best manufacturers of anti-riot systems, fixed and mobile (vehicle) that employ state-of-the-art control of disturbances through passive protection and non-lethal active devices. Get to know the specifications of our line of systems and vehicles and identify the one that best meets your need.






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